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Joining the Tour

Thank you for your interest being an artisan vendor on the South Carolina Ag + Art Tour! By sharing your talent and time you are helping to not only strengthen the connection between producer and consumer, you are helping to grow South Carolina's art-economy!

Artisan Criteria

An Artisan for the purpose of this program is defined as an individual that makes hand crafted products without the use of kits, commercial models and whose primary components are not manufactured.


Artisans will be located at Tour Sites and can sell their products. Farmers Markets are tour sites but we do not place artisans at these locations as they have their own rules and regulations for participating.

Examples of artisans
  • Painters

  • Potters

  • Weavers

  • Quilters

  • Acoustic musicians

  • Artisan bakers

  • Value-added producers

This is not an all inclusive list, let us know what you make!

Bakers and value-added food producers must provide a copy of any applicable permit required to sell your product in South Carolina. Artisans can participate on different weekends but must complete a separate application for each county/weekend. Artisans will also be able to share if they have a previous relationship with a particular farm site.


The Ag + Art Tour County Planning Teams will make every effort to place artisans at their requested location but this placement cannot be guaranteed. If multiple artisans select the same location, placement will be based on a first-come-first-served basis, with special attention given to the type of artisan to allow for a diversity of activities at each site.

Artisan Responsibilities

As a participating South Carolina Ag + Art Artisan, you agree to:

  • Participate during the designated time/hours of the tour.

  • Engage visitors through demonstrations and/or performances.

  • Connect with your Tour Site prior to the tour to introduce yourself and plan your set-up. Use our brand guide to promote the tour.

  • Follow all COVID-19 related mandated protocols.

  • And most importantly, have fun!

and now the fun part

The Application Process

Kick things off by clicking the button below and filling out the linked form- And hurry! The deadline to apply is 5:00 PM on Friday, April 29, 2022.

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